20 Things not to do in Madagascar

  1. Never visit to Madagascar without help of professional travel company.
  2. Take photos without permission, so be sure to ask before snapping photos.
  3. Take pictures of tombs. Considering the Malagasy’s high respect for the dead, it would be considered highly offensive to take pictures of tombs. 
  4. Attempt to take any plants, food, or animals with you out of Madagascar because it is illegal. In addition to that, if you purchase a gemstone in Madagascar, you must have a certificate of authenticity or a certificate that allows for exportation. Non-residents of Madagascar are allowed to take up to one kilogram or precious or semi-precious stones out of Madagascar as long as you have a receipt.
  5. Step over people’s belongings because it is considered offensive. If you find yourself accidentally doing so, you can apologize by saying excuse me which is “azafady”.
  6. Kill a propithecus lemur. The Malagasy have a folk tale, explained shortly, that even when starving, if they went out to kill this lemur, they would never make it back to their family. So because of this story, even when experiencing famine they do not kill these types of lemurs.
  7. Having sex with prostitutes may not be a big deal in some countries, but it is in this one. Do do your best not have sex with prostitutes.
  8. Expect to sit at a table and chair when eating food in the traditional households of Malagasy. The Malagasy people tend to eat their food on a mat on the floor.
  9. Take public transportation at night, especially to the airport, it is not considered very safe. – Madagascar and Comoros.
  10. Point at a tomb for any reason, this is also considered highly offensive because it as seen as disrespectful to the dead.
  11. There are lots of Local travel guides scam be aware of that.
  12. Don’t hire self-drive car, hire 4 wheel car with driver, because roads are too challengeable to drive yourself and if vehicle break you have to spend more. Even though bit expensive taxi service is the best way to go around.
  13. There is huge traffic jam in “Tana” roads are too narrow for example from the airport into the centre of town (probably only 10km) will take at least an hour during the daytime.
  14. Please be careful when you go along the Avenue de L’independance area. There are lots of beggars and aggressive sellers they would be mobbed you and pickpockets can be happen in every street.
  15. Be careful when you have big amount of money and valuable items like cameras. Burglars are watching at you.
  16. When you travel combine flights to Madagascar there may be some possibility to lost your luggage then be prepare for that by packing some essentials in other bags too.
  17. Don’t go out alone in the evening/night. by the way there would not be any robbers along the way but there are lots of barking wild dogs. That makes some scary feeling.
  18. Don’t travel alone make sure to travel with someone because if you sick there is no one to help you there.
  19. Be careful at Ambohimanga market even though it is entertaining thieves looking at you and trying to steal your pocket. Make sure bring some money that really you need and put those in your inner pocket.

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