20 Things not to do in Kenya

  1. Be careful when you visit the big cities like Nairobi because no one care about traffic lights and signs.
  2. Don’t Cross The Street While Talking On Your Phone – this is illegal according to the Kenyan law. If you get caught you will be troubled.
  3. Don’t Go Around Asking People Their Tribe.
  4. Mobile Money – Mobile banking is huge in Kenya, so don’t be surprised if people don’t always have cash on them and want to send you money this way instead. It’s also very convenient and safe for you to have some of your money stored this way.
  5. Learn some basic words like sawa (okay), kesho (tomorrow) and sasa (hello). most of kenyans use this words in casual conversations.
  6. There Are Security Checks Everywhere – Don’t be surprised if you have to be frisked at every building, security checks are very important in Nairobi.
  7. Don’t Call Kenya ‘Africa’ – While in conversation with Nairobians and when talking about Kenya, be careful not to refer to it as ‘Africa.’ They do not appreciate such generalizations.
  8. Don’t Forget To Carry Change, It Helps Drive a Bargain.
  9. Don’t Smoke on the Streets – except in designated smoking zones.
  10. Don’t Forget You Might Need to Pay for a Visa on Arrival – Some visitors have to pay for a visa upon entry at the airport or border crossing. A single entry visa costs $50 and is valid for 3 months. A transit visa is $20. You can also pay in Euros and English Pounds. If travelling through Kenya on a connecting flight and don’t leave the airport, you don’t need a visa.
  11. Don’t Expect Amazing Internet Speeds.
  12. DO NOT… Carry around a lot of valuables.
  13. DO NOT… Be a sucker. Know how much services and goods are supposed to cost before taking part in them. Ask your hotel concierge how much a taxi ride is supposed to cost, consult with guidebooks or any locals you know about how much trinkets and souvenirs should cost. Always bargain. Expect that if a vendor knows you are a tourist their price has automatically doubled if not tripled.
  14. DO NOT… Be afraid to travel to Kenya despite the country’s notoriety for corruption; the country remains a safe and pleasant place to visit. Even during the last year’s post-election violence not a single foreigner or tourist was harmed.
  15. All travel to the area within 200 km of the Kenya–Somalia border, including all of Lamu and Garissa countries, as well as within 70 km of the coast, from north of Malindi city to the Kenya-Somalia border, because chance of kidnapping and attacks.
  16. Advises against all travel to the areas within 100 km of the borders with South Sudan and Ethiopia due to armed banditry and cross-border violence.
  17. Please note that due to the number of fake notes in circulation, no US Dollar bills printed before 2003 are accepted in Kenya and, in fact, your safest bet is to carry notes printed after 2006.
  18. Care needs to be taken when photographing local people – always ask permission.
  19. Beachwear is suitable around the beach but not while strolling around town. Even though many hotels accept topless or naked sunbathing, these are in restricted areas and never do not in public areas.

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