20 Things not to do in Thailand


  1. Most of Thai beaches do NOT provide lifeguard protection. Please be obey the signs that indicating no swimming areas. And it is better to swim with someone don’t swim alone.
  2. Try to avoid late night walks there will be so many troubles for tourists.
  3. Be careful with your all bags and wallets: There are some bag snatchers on motorbikes.
  4. Don’t drop or stand on currency (it could be considered disrespectful towards the royal family).
  5. Cover up in temples. Make sure you are respectful and cover your shoulders and chest before entering.
  6. Don’t sunbathe nude especially in public beaches. This is offensive to most Thai people although nobody is likely to say anything to you if you do so.
  7. Don’t take Buddha pictures out of the Thailand. It is strictly prohibited to send or take Buddha pictures out of the country without special permission. But shop owners can sell those stuff to you.
  8. Don’t hug monks, monks are not allowed to touch women even in the bus women not allowed to sit directly next to the monks.
  9. Don’t disrespect the royal family. Thai people are very loyal to their royal family.
  10. Don’t touch Thai’s head. They consider head as their noble part of their body.
  11. Don’t whistle at night. They believe whistle sound can get bad luck for them.
  12. Don’t let a tuk tuk driver to take you into a gem shops. This is the place where many scams happens.
  13. Eat off your spoon, not your fork. Eating directly off a fork is considered crude; instead, use your fork to push food onto your spoon.
  14. Don’t get involved in card games, gambling, cockfights, pool-table games for money etc.
  15. For any reason don’t surrender your passport for bike rentals and other third parties. If they not satisfied with the photocopy of your passport move another place.
  16. It’s part of the Thai experience to try a tuk-tuk at least once, however as a general rule, it’s best to avoid them as a primary means of transportation.
  17. Don’t wear anything too sexy, Thai men do like to stare at us foreigners, and so just wear modest clothing.
  18. Gambling is only permitted on certain days therefore please consider about that.
  19. It is recommended not to take taxi driver’s advice. Most of time they will say there is a good place to visit nearby. This is famous tactic for them to earn commission from some places.
  20. Learn a few basic phrases in Thai, but know that English is widely spoken in Bangkok.


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